Who's got next?!

Rent backyard games from NE Pro like cornhole, horseshoes, washers, kan jam, volleyball, bocce, poker and more!

Cornhole - $30

Bags in one hand, a beer in the other!

Polish Horseshoes - $15

If you haven’t played this game before, you are really missing out!

Kan Jam - $15

How accurate is your frisbee toss?

Horseshoes - $15

The backyard original!

Washers - $15

A true game of skill, your guests will play for hours.

Volleyball Set - $15

We bring the net and volleyball – you bring the SPIKE!

Bocce - $15

Another classic, and fun for all ages.

Poker Game Set Up

Go ALL IN for your next cookout!

• Poker Chip Set – $30
• Poker Chip Set & Table Combo – $50

Call us with any questions and get your game on today!

We will beat any local price out there, it's the NE Pro-mise!