Perfect for festivals, driveways and smaller yards!

Our festival tents are high-quality, great for smaller spaces and down right look sharp!

Festival Tent Options

We have a variety of sizes for your backyard or driveway.

  • 10×10 – $150
  • 20×20 – $299 (30-40 people)
  • 20×30 – $425 (50-60 people)
  • 20×40 – $525 (70-80 people)
  • 20×60 – $710 (110-120 people)
  • 20×80 – $899 (150-160 people)

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Example of our 20X20 Festival Tent

Things to Know

Are they safe?

Safety is our top priority. NE Pro uses a combination of steel stakes, cinder blocks and water barrels to ensure your tent stays anchored to the ground.

How much room do I need?

Festival tents don’t need as much room as our canopy tents because they don’t require long ropes on each side. Instead, we use a combination of steel stakes, cinder blocks and water barrels to anchor our festival tents safely and securely. Call us if you have any questions or if you want us to come check your site beforehand. We are happy to help!

Can you add sidewalls to festival tents?

Yes, we can add sidewalls to all of our festival tents and canopy tents.

How do I prepare my backyard for delivery?

– We need to know exactly where your sprinkler lines are if you have a system. Remember, festival tents don’t require in-ground staking and there are alternate options available.
– Please make sure your lawn is free of animal droppings.

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