We have a variety of rentals to enhance your tent set-up!

Sidewalls, Tent Heaters, Lighting and More

Panorama Window Sidewalls - $25

A touch of class for your tent.

Solid Sidewalls - $20

Need some privacy? No problem!

Spot Lights - $50

Great for adding light in all four corners of the tent.

Rope Lighting - $30

These are a huge hit for evening/night parties!

Globe Lights (8 globes, 20' long) - $30

A popular choice for weddings, birthday parties and cookouts!

Tent Heaters

• 80,000 BTU – Tent Heater – $130.00
• 170,000 BTU – Tent Heater – $240.00

Water Barrels (Alternate Staking) - $10

Great for corporate events to be held on company parking lots.

Cement Blocks (Alternate Staking) - $12.50 each

Great for driveways, festivals, or corporate events to be held on company parking lots

Call us with any questions and rent your extras for your tent today!

We will beat any local price out there, it's the NE Pro-mise!